Picoplog is a minimalistic photoblogging tool. Picoplog's major strength is its simplicity: posting a photo is done by just uploading it to your web space.

How does it work?

All it takes to publish a photo is renaming the image file to the desired title and optionally adding an EXIF comment using any photo management tool such as Picasa, iPhoto or Digikam (though real geeks would use jhead). Then upload the image to your web space and you're done. Picoplog is written in PHP 5, so make sure you have that on your host. For more information check the Picoplog Wiki.

How does is it look?

Picoplog screenshot We have a demo showcasing the default dark theme, check it out. Picoplog is skinnable and its look can be customized by simply writing a CSS. Advanced theme authors can also create new XHTML templates.


Anti Features


Picoplog 0.10.1 Alpha - Released on April, 24 2008

Be sure to check the README file for installation instructions. Should you encounter any problem installing Picoplog, please do not give up. First check the Troubleshooting page, if it doesn't help contact us at info at daubau dot it and we'll help you out. This way we can fix problems together and get Picoplog into shape for a stable release.

Picoplog is Free Software released under the GNU Affero General Public License (Read more about the license).

We blog about Picoplog development and announce new releases.
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Picoplog Desktop (uploader)

Picoplog Desktop screenshot Picoplog Desktop is a native application that helps you publish your photos. It is an optional addon and it is not needed in order to use Picoplog. Picoplog Desktop is designed for those who prefer a very simple and integrated solution rather than using a FTP client. It is perfect if you are going to setup Picoplog for a kid or an unexperienced user. Lazy geeks will appreciate it too. Download version 0.4.1 Alpha for:

Picoplog Desktop is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License.

Join us!

We just started out and Picoplog is still not ready for the masses. If you're a developer, artist, early adopter or feel like helping in any other way, contact us! info at daubau dot it

Eventually, we will setup the infrastructure needed by a Free Software project, but only if/when we receive enough feedback from users/contributors. So let the bug reports and contributions roll in (via email)!

Who we are

We're two guys from Rome who happen to like the idea that software can help people communicate freely and sometimes even tell a bit of truth.